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PostPosted: Thu Sep 20, 2018 1:10 pm    Post subject: Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Full Movie In Hindi Free Dow

Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Full Movie In Hindi Free Download Hd 720p

Survivors in the reign of chaos try to resolve their differences in a new world, that was shaped after the fall of the Burning Legion.
Illidan Stormrage, demon-hunter-turned-Demon, terrorizes the world with a strange underwater race of warriors. An exiled elven people abandon their corrupted Human allies, to seek a cure for their crippling addiction to magic. In the midst of this conflict, an Undead Warrior seeks the icy lair of his master, the Lich King. With the Burning Legion defeated, the Lich King can use Arthas for what the King always desired: Freedom.
Warcraft III is quite a nicely made Real-Time Strategy game which includes many features in the Warcraft Universe, being detailed and very specific on units, defence methods and Heroes in gameplay.

Good - There are many generous comments to be spared when reviewing Warcraft III. The game has a nice feel to it, with well-crafted landscapes, intense battles and freedom to mold your army into whatever stance and stature you like. Warcraft III also contains a great Hero system, with Hero levelling, selectable abilities and the choice to revive the Hero without much cost.

Bad - Warcraft III still has a few flaws. One is the graphics. You can't blame them for not having excellent graphics since Warcraft III remains a classic, but they could've done a better job with it. Another problem is the scope of the Warcraft games. For example, the RTS gaming instruction is "Build entire armies". In the game, you can create about 60 or 50 units, and that isn't exactly an "entire army".

I guess Warcraft III is a game that should be bought and played for anyone who loves RTS, but for those who want to further delve into the Warcraft Universe, play World of Warcraft.

Total Mark: 8/10

By HowlingRabbit334
(There's some spelling errors)

Blizzard games are the standard by which I measure other RTS games. The ones I've played include; Warcraft II; tides of Darkness Starcraft Starcraft; Brood war (expansion pack) Warcraft III; Reign of Chaos Warcraft III; Frozen Throne (Expansion Pack)

Now, Warcraft II didn't really have a story, it had a prologue to each level but the story was always basically "We're going here and we're killing these people". Starcraft, on the other hand, had a very interesting story, which is maybe more engaging than a movie because you're actually acting in it. It had allot of political and religious themes in it.

Warcraft III and the expansion pack continues this. Prince Arthas changes as you play him. As a character. You find yourself wondering, "What are we fighting for, again?" because his motives keep becoming more extreme, and he seems to forget what he was fight for in the first place, not unlike George W. Bush. Ultimately... (No, I won't tell you)


Most Orcs were born on Azaroth, but are technically native to another dimension. The Hoard is mainly made up of Orcs, but also includes Trolls, Ogres and Taurens. Orcs are green guys with huge muscles, tusks, pointy ears and ugly faces. Orcs have their own unique accent and language. Trolls, contrary to most depictions, are skinny, big-nosed, tusked, have Mohawk haircuts and speak in Jamacan accents. ogres are big dumb things with two heads, one with one eye and one horn, and one with two eyes and no horns. Taurens are basically minotaurs. Taurens, unlike the rest of the Hoard, are native to Kalimndor, not Azaroth


The Aliance is native to Azaroth. The Aliance also includes Dwarfs and Elves. Like Orcs, Humans must build gold mines, gather wood and build buildings in order to make more units.


The Orcs and the Humans fled from Azaroth to escape the Scourge. The Scourge is mainly made up of various undead creatures; zombies, ghouls, banshees, death knights, ghosts, skeletons, necromancers, undead giant spiders, etc. It also has Demons from the Burning Legion.

The Except for Ziggurat and Haunted Goldmine, all Undead buildings must be built Blight, which is basically this black slime-like stuff that spreads out from Ziggurats and other buildings. This idea was also ripped off in one of the lord of the Rings RTS's where the Orcs can only build things on "Cursed Earth".

While the other races are limited to 100 units, Necromancers have the ability to turn any corps into a Skeleton, which can bring the actual number of units well over 200. Howevere, skeletons tend to disintegrate eventually.


Night Elves are native to Kalinda. Night Elves are nocturnal, have blue hair and purple skin. The Mostly female warriors, because the females have the ability to turn invisible at night when standing perfectly still. however, there are also males called "Druids with the ability to turn themselves into bears or birds, or bring trees to life (depending on particular type of Druid) There are also "Dryads", female creatures, basically a cross between a Night Elf, a Deer and a Centaur, with green hair. There's even a Night Elf God with the same description only male. the night Elf buildings are all sentient trees, like Treebeard. Should the need arise they can all uproot themselves and move to a new location, or even attack things. The workers of the Night Elves are glowing spirits called "Whisps". When gathering wood, Whisps are the only things that can gather wood without damaging the tree.


Naga are native to the sea off the coast of Kalimdoor. Naga are a race that evolved from Night elves, their back story is not unlike Atlantis. Naga are creatures from Indian mythology; basically a cross between a Night Elf, a mermaid and a Snake. Their army also includes various weird marine creatures, including frog-like creatures and giant turtles.


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